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Create a shell or ram horn by Peter Sharpe

Author: BryceContentCD

Tools Needed

  • Bryce


In this tutorial, we'll go over the multi-replicate command to create a shell and a ram's horn.

Step 1 - Create the torus

Create a torus. Rotate it from the vertical to the horizontal (hold down the shift key whilst rotating to rotate in 45 degree steps).


Figure 1

Step 2 - Modify the torus

Select view from right. Click on the A button and then click on Show Origin Handle. This is the green dot and is the normal centre of rotation. Drag the dot to the right so that it is half the outer radius of the torus past the right hand edge. See Figure 2.


Figure 2

Step 3 - The shell, pt I

With the torus still selected click on Edit/Multi-Replicate and enter the figures as shown in Figure 3. If there are any values in the boxes with zero in change these to zero.


Figure 3

Step 4 - the shell, pt II

Click the checkmark, the rotated duplicates appear as in Figure 4.


Figure 4

Step 5 - the shell - rendered

Render your shell.


Figure 5

Step 6 - the ram

If you enter an offset in the x column as shown in Figure 6, you will get a ram's horn instead of a shell. Here I've only used 40 replications.


Figure 6

Step 7 - the ram

Figure 7 shows the rendered left side ram's horn. To make the right hand one enter -1.5 in the x offset.


Figure 7