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Create an exact circle of columns with Bryce

Author: Stargazy

Tools Needed

  • Bryce 5


Sometimes when you create a temple or a building with many columns, it is difficult to position the columns in an exact circle with the same distance to each other. This tutorial shows you an easy way to arrange them.

Step 1 - Create a column

First of all you need a column that you want to be copied and arranged. So create your own one or use the pre-defined one in Bryce's object library. If you construct your column out of several objects, don't forget to group and name them before you go on.

Here is my column.


Step 2 - Some calculations before you start

Now think about the number of columns you want to arrange. Take the degrees of a circle (360 degrees) and divide them by your column number. This will be the distance angle.

In my example I'm going to arrange 10 columns, so my angle is 36 degrees (12 or 6 would also be a fine number of columns).

Step 3 - Activate the origin handle of your column

Change to the top view and open the Attributes dialog by clicking the small 'A' beneath you column.


The attributes dialog opens and you now have to activate 'Show Origin Handle'.


If you leave this dialog, you can now see a little green dot in the middle of your column.

Step 4 - Modify the origin handle of your column

Now you have to move the origin handle of the column to what will be the center of the circle. Just drag the little green dot out along the positive Z axis to that what you want to be the center of the circle.

Now you should have something like this.


Step 5 - Replicate the Column

To do the multi replication press Alt-Shift-D (or Option-Shift-D on the Mac). A dialog box appears. As quantity I typed 9 (I want to have 10 columns at the end and I already have one).

Make sure that all values of 'Offset' are set to 0 and all values of 'Size' are set to 100% (we want to have the duplicated columns all the same size).

The rotation should be along the Y-Axis and depends on you number of columns. We calculated the angle already in step2 (do you'remember?). For my example, I type in the calculated angle of 36 degrees.


Click the checkmark or hit Enter and you will get a perfect circle of columns.


Step 6 - Additional Tip

Now group all the columns and open the attribute box for the group (click on the little 'A' icon beneath the group).

Because these many columns will take a lot of time when they are redrawn, you can check the option 'Show as Box'.


No all the group of columns is shown as a single box and it is easier for you to go on with your work.


If you want to see the wireframes of the columns again, just remove the checkmark. Note that your nano preview is not affected.

Step 7 - Create the complete building

Now have fun to create you hall or temple.