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Creating a Gemstone by Peter Sharpe

Author: BryceContentCD


Stock your own virtual jewelry store with your own Bryce gems.

Step 1 - Start with a Pyramid

Create a pyramid - use the squat one. Click on A to bring up the Attributes dialogue box. Make positive. Check Show Origin Handle. In Rotate X type 180. Exit the Attributes dialoge box.


Figure 1

Step 2 - Modify the Pyramid

Select From Front view. Click A and in Rotate Z enter -26.5. Note the negative sign. This aligns one edge vertically. Exit the Attributes dialogue. Drag the origin to the bottom corner as shown in Figure 2. Be accurate here to ensure all the points line up when you Multi-Replicate later.


Figure 2

Step 3 - Multiply the Pyramid

Select Edit/Multi-Replicate. Enter Quantity=11 and Rotate Y=30. Make sure all other boxes are set to zero except for the size boxes which should read 100. Click on the check and the result should be as shown in Figure 3. Click on the pyramid at the bottom of the screen to select ALL of the pyramids, (The first one you created will not be selected at this point). Group them and make the group Positive.


Figure 3

Step 4 - Cap the Gemstone

Create a cube. Position and size it so that it looks like the one in Fig 4. Use the top view to roughly centre it over the pyramid group. Note that he bottom surface of the cube passes through the lower intersection of the pyramid surfaces. This is important. Click on A and make negative. Group it with the pyramid group. Apply the crystal or diamond material from the glass library and you have your gemstone.


Figure 4

Step 5 - And Render

The final result. Have fun …..


Figure 5