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Creating a Nebula in Bryce

Author: thedanman

Tools Needed

  • Bryce (5)

Support Files


Using presets and Bryce library textures you can create a simple yet impressive volumetric nebula for your deep space projects.


Step 1 - Create an empty scene and set your atmosphere


Create an empty scene and modify you sky&fog settings to the Bryce preset “Starfield” mapping - this will set up your stars and space. You can always change these values and presets by using the SkyLab and modifying its entries.

Step 2 - Create a sphere primitive for your nebula


You don't want to use a volumetric cloud plane because the nebula will be infinite and too dense. Use a sphere instead and stretch it around and position it as your nebula

Step 3 - Texture the sphere


Edit the material of the sphere by clicking the “M” on its selections. Make sure that the texture is volume(tric) and not surface. This will give you a 3D texture you can work with and it will fill your sphere so that you can place your camera inside the sphere.

Step 4 - Place your camera inside the nebula


For a cool effect that views the nebula from the inside out, place your camera inside the sphere as shown above.

Step 5 - Your nebula awaits


Render and view your new cosmic creation