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Creating a web design gel button in Bryce

Author: josquine1000

Tools Needed

* Bryce 5.5

Support Files



Do you need a website button ? Usually, a gel button is done in a graphic application using fake reflections, refractions and everything. But what if I told you that you can do a simple gel button in the true way, simulating a glass button with Bryce ?


Step 1 - Setting up the workspace

Select File > New Document … ( Ctrl - N ) and choose a size. I have chosen 1024×768 because I usually render the graphics big and then I resize them as needed.


Select the default camera and click on the A button on the right ( Ctrl - Alt - E ) and in the track object name select the plane. Press Ok.


This tracks the camera to the plane so that now it's easier to control. The camera has to be positioned exactly over the plane.

Step3: Select the perspective toggle button to switch to camera. Now adjust the camera so that it's over the plane in a straight angle.


Your project should look something like this:


Step 2 - Creating the geometry

Add a cylinder and rotate it exactly 90 degrees on z axis ( keep Shift key pressed to go in a straight angle )

Resize the cylinder so that it looks like in the picture


Add a sphere and resize it to match the radius of the cylinder. You can use the Attributes Panel ( Ctrl - Alt - E ) to set the exact radius.

Move the sphere along the side of the cylinder like in the picture.


Press Ctrl - D to duplicate the sphere and move it in the other side of the cylinder.


Step 3 - Creating the boolean button

It's time for booleans !

Select the two spheres and the cylinder and click the Families button and select a family. Now all the selected objects are in the same family.


Press the Group button ( Ctrl - G ). The selected objects will form a new group.


Move the group a little under the plane.

Step 4 - Setting up materials and rendering

Select the plane, enter Material Editor ( Ctrl - M ) and put the settings in the image. This will be the background but will be cut off from the picture eventually in a graphic editor.


Step 12: Select the group and enter Material Editor like before. Set the parameters as in the image. The button has to be transparent and look like a glass.


Step 13: Go to Sky and Fog and adjust the settings like in the image.


Step 14: Render! You should have a nice gel button which can be used for web design.


You can also try changing the color of the glass, the index of refraction, or even better if you own Bryce 6 you can use the new HDRI skies to create truly organic buttons !


Enjoy !