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Engraved Rings

Author: djblueprint

Tools Needed

  • Bryce 5 or above

Support Files


Married couples often have rings with their names and the date of their wedding engraved.

Since “Lord of the Rings” nearly everyone knows what an engraved ring should look like.

In this tutorial you will learn in a few steps to create this effect in Bryce.

There are 2 support files; the first is for this tutorial, and the second is the ring, ready as an obp Bryce object file


Step 1 - Preparation


First we need an image containing the text we want to engrave.

The text has to be mirror-inverted and for this tutorial, please use the included source graphic.

You need to understand that the way the source image is created directly influences the way the engraved text appears on the ring!

So just play around a bit when creating your own.

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Step 2 - Modeling the ring - part I


Now start Bryce.

Left-click once on the torus-thumb to create a torus.

Then left-click once on the cylinder-thumb to create a cylinder (see first image).

With these two primitives we will build our ring.

In the scene select the torus so that he is red marked. Left-click once on the E and enter a radius of 200 (see second image) and click the check mark.


Then click on the A and set the torus as positive (see third image), then click on the check mark. Leave all other attributes untouched.


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Step 3 - Modeling the ring - part II


Now select the cylinder in the scene. Left-click once the A and set all attributes exactly as shown in the first image!

After that select the torus and the cylinder and group them by left-clicking once on the G (see second image).


Now they are grouped and the negative cylinder cuts off a piece of the torus. The ring is basicly modeled and now it is time for texturing!

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Step 4 - Texturing - part I


With the grouped still marked left-click once on the M to change the material (see first image).

In the Material-Editor choose brushed-gold from the metals (see second image). Now the ring is golden. But we still have to engrave it.


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Step 5 - Texturing - part II


Select only the cylinder and left-click the M again (see first image). Now apply all settings shown in the following two images.



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Step 6 - The end


That's it. Now the text appears as it is engraved in the inner ring.

There is room to play around a bit with different settings at some steps. Just do it!

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask me by mail!


Sascha aka djblueprint