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How to create a realistic sand glass

Author: poser_bohne

Tools Needed

  • Bryce 5


In this tutorial you will learn, how to create a realistic sand glass in Bryce and get a fair knowledge of managing metaballs.


Step 1 - The ground

First we create the ground for the sand glass. Create a terrain with the terrain button. Construct it in a whise, that the sand glass can be placed on it.


Use a water-texture for this ground plane.

Step 2 - The bottom of the sand glass


Now we want to create the bottom of the sand glass. Create a clinched cylinder, texture it and position it on the ground we have created in the first step.

Step 3 - The glass or the two Metaballs


After that step we have to create two metaballs and pull them so far outer each other that a narrow transition develops.

These two metaballs are the glass. Therefore we will change the texture to a glassy one.

Step 4 - The sand

Now it is time for the sand. The sand for the lower half will be created with a clinched sphere which is positioned in the lower meatball. The sand for the upper half will be created with a cone which was turned around 180' on the x-axle. For the sand stream we take a clinched cylinder. This cylinder connects the clinched sphere in the lower half with the cone in the upper half. As far as you have created all these things, texture it with a sandy texturing. That should look like that:


Step 5 - The second bottom


After that we copy the bottom of the sand glass and shift it upward on the y-axle so that a 'second bottom 'is created.

Step 6 - Decorations for the sand glass

Finally you CAN create some decorations: Use some nice things out of the create menu (you can find it when you click on the arrow) – for instance some columns or other things between the two bottoms.

That's it!!!