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Making a classic robot eye.

Author: Locke21

Tools Needed

  • Bryce 5 or 5.5

Support Files


Have you ever wanted to give an Arnold-type robot eye to one of your characters? Well if you have Bryce, here is a real simple way of not only doing it, but once done, you can do it over and over just by using the Create option. You'll also learn a bit about Boolean operations, which aren't as scary as they sound.

Step 1 - Step One

Ok, first you need to download the Rivet MAT that I've provided. Then open a new scene and CREATE a sphere. This is going to be the base of the robot eye.


Then CREATE a cone and place it like in my picture.


Step 2 - Step Two

Now for the Boolean Operations. For those of you that don't know, Boolean Operations are nothing more that describing how two different objects interact. What we need to do is tell Bryce how we want the cone and sphere to interact with each other. What we want to happen is for Bryce to create a cone-shaped hole in the sphere. Well here is how you do it. First select the sphere and select the A from its menu. This opens the Attributes tab. Look where it says Neutral, Positive and so forth. We want the Sphere to be checked as Positive. This tells Bryce that when rendering, to keep the Sphere visible.


Now select the cone and open its Attributes tab. For the cone, select Negative option. This tells Bryce to make the cone invisible when rendering.


Step 3 - Step Three

Now here comes the magic. Select both the sphere and cone, and in the menu, select G. This creates a group from the two objects.


It also starts the Boolean operations, because when Bryce renders the group, it will remove the cone, and whatever it is in contact with. This means that our sphere will render with a cone-shaped hole in it!


Step 4 - Step Four

Now we need that classic red glow. To create it, use Create to make a spherical light. Go over to the Edit tab move it around and shrink it down till it fits in the bottom of the cone shaped hole in the sphere.


Then click the E tab on the light's menu and use the following settings. This will recreate the classic red glow we're looking for.


Step 5 - Step Five

Now for the lens of the eye. Just use Create to make another sphere, then use the Edit tab till it is just inside the rim of the hole and deform it till it is a classic lens shape. Once it's in place, add a glassy material to it, one that has a nice amount of refraction.


Now add the Rivet MAT that I've provided, or use your own and this is the result! I know it doesn't look like much now. But go ahead and use the ADD feature and add it to your personal library of objects.