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Making a Roman Coliseum

Author: yaniko

Tools Needed

  • Bryce 5


This tutorial does not claim to carry out a real reproduction of the true Coliseum.

Its goal is to show you how multi-replicate works, and what you can do with it.


Step 1 - Making a wall

Making a wall with an aperture is rather easy.

The wall is composed of a positive cube (see under),

a negative cylinder …

and another negative cube…

The three objects are grouped to form the wall.

(dimensions are given as an indication. They will help you to make the project easily)

Step 2 - Making some details (1)

Let's add an additional detail like this one (under)

You'll only have to group the previous three elements with a negative torus…

placed against the 1st cube …

Step 3 - Making some details (2)

Another detail consists of a simple cube placed under the aperture..

Here is a first render of our wall:

Step 4 - Making some details (3)

Let us add some other details, by positioning a cube as indicated under.

You'll have now to use a very interesting property of Bryce : the multi-replicate option…

Say you want to repeat 2 times the rectangle, by moving it downwards and reducing it : enter the value of the height displacement, and reduce by 95% both its length and its width…

Step 5 - Making some details (4)


Here under is the result….

You may add other details, like this column for example…

( the creation of the column presents no difficulties)


And here is the final render…


Step 6 - Choosing materials


Choose a stone matter, like this one for example..

(reduce the bump height to 10 )

You should obtain this rendering ( front view)…


Step 7 - Making of the entire monument (1)


First of all, go to top view.

Click at “show origin handle” in the attributes.

You must see appearing a green point (the origin) in the medium of the figure.

Move this green point far from the “wall”, corresponding to the radius of your “virtual coliseum ”.


Let us use multi-replicate once again, with the criteria indicated here:

44 objects (either 45 with that the duplicate one)

rotation of an angle of 8' (45 X 8 = 360 ') *

Scaling and displacement with 0.


* the angle depends on the distance displacement (the “radius” of the coliseum)

Step 8 - Making of the entire monument (2)


You should obtain this…

(in top view)

Or that…

(in Director's view )


and this one with materials…


Step 9 - The End

Group all the objects, duplicate 3 times the set (displacements = 0, H, 0 with h=height of an object, here 66 with the values taken since the beginning, no rotation nor scaling)

Have a drink or go shopping…(depends the speed of your PC)

You should obtain this…

The Famous Roman Coliseum !


That's all Folks !

Have a Good 3D.