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Solar System - Earth, Moon, Planets, Sun



Tools Needed

* Bryce

Support Files



Solar System Tutorial v1.0


Step 1 - The Background


Okay, first thing. Remove the bottom default plane.

Open the Skylab and move to the preset list. Next choose starfield.

You can exit the sky lab or edit the amount of stars and so on. Raise the asteroids/comet bar up slightly.

(To many looks over done). Adjust the star intensity up slightly. Exit Sky lab.

Step 2 - Creating Earth


Create a medium sized sphere (40 in size). Place it in the centre of your area.

Next add the Earth Texture into Bryce (This can be downloaded as a support file). Open material lab

and add it to the sphere.

Step 3 - Creating Atmosphere Layer 1


Next duplicate the sphere you just made (earth). Make it slightly larger (as shown in picture above).

Open materials lab and make it 'Fuzzy Blue Sphere'

Materials Lab - > Presets - > Complex Fx - > Fuzzy Blue Sphere

Step 4 - Creating Atmosphere Layer 2


Duplicate the sphere you just made. Only this time make it 47 in size. You have just made an atmospheric glow.

It gives your scene that extra something.

Step 5 - Creating the Moon


Time to make the moon… Create a small sphere close to the earth. Open materials lab and edit the

default material to the above pictures specifications. I.e. Make the texture 'Moon rock' and adjust the bump height

to 44 on the first bubble.

Step 6 - Planet Steps

In these few steps you will create the rest of the planets.

Step 7 - Planet Step 1


Create 5 spheres on top of each other (same size as earth).

Next change the randomize setting (featured in red) to that featured in picture.

The button highlighted in yellow is the button which you scroll/drag across to get the desired effect.

In our case it randomly spreads the spheres out. Scroll the button across until the planets are evenly distributed.

Step 8 - Planet Step 2

Next, texture all the planets with whatever material you want.

I.e. Mountain rock.

Now that you have completed the planets, earth and the moon we can finish off with the sun.

Step 9 - Sun Step 1


Create an extremely large sphere far away from the other planets. (Make it about 5 time the size of the earth)

Step 10 - Sun Step 2


Then, texture it with the above parameters.

Step 11 - Finished


You have completed your solar system. Render and see what a master piece you have created.