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Poser to Bryce in 4 steps

Author: BryceContentCD

Tools Needed

  • Turbo Import for Bryce 5
  • DAZ Studio
  • Bryce 5


With the new Turbo Import for Bryce 5 plug-in developed by DAZ and the use of DAZ Studio anyone can easily bring DAZ Poser content into Bryce 5.

This 4 step tutorial will lead any beginner through the simple process of taking your DAZ Poser content into Bryce 5.

After you install Turbo Import for Bryce 5 and DAZ Studio v.0.9.2 or later, you are ready to get started.

Step 1 - Load Content into DAZ Studio


Load your DAZ Studio or Poser content into DAZ Studio by either double-clicking an item in the Content tab or by selecting File/Import' or File/Load' from the main menu.

You should be able to view/edit/render the model(s) once they have been brought into DAZ Studio.

Step 2 - Export Content from DAZ Studio


Select File/Export' from the main menu. Make sure that OBJ is selected as the export file type. Browse to the location you want to save the Bryce OBJ/MTL and associated images, then click Save.

DAZ Studio saves the entire scene into a single OBJ with separate groups for each object in the scene. The corresponding MTL file includes materials for all objects in the scene.

Note: All images used in DAZ Studio and referenced in the exported MTL file will be collected and copied into the same folder as the exported OBJ file. DAZ Studio will convert transparency maps from regular color maps to white images with transparency information in the alpha channel of the image.

Step 3 - Import Content into Bryce 5


Use the Bryce importer'. File/Import Object. Select OBJ as the file type and browse to the location where you saved the OBJ file from DAZ Studio. Bryce will load the geometry (OBJ), materials (MTL), and image maps (individual images) into the Bryce environment with appropriate material assignments.

Objects that are imported from DAZ Studio can be selected individually, but not on a per body part basis (e.g. you can select a single figure from a scene OBJ that contained multiple figures, but you will not be able to select individual hands/feet/etc. on a figure).

Step 4 - SMILE!!!


Smile while you rip up the 28 page tutorial explaining the OLD way to import Poser content into Bryce. You just did it in 3 mouse clicks! If you feel that this was too easy, you may also giggle and dance a little jig of happiness as optional steps.