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Using the Studio link to import from DAZ Studio



Tools Needed

* Bryce 6.0

* DAZ Studio 1.3


Were you hesitant to use Bryce with DAZ Studio characters because of the process of exporting and importing? At first I was too. Bryce 6.0 has made it simple to add your DAZ Studio characters to Bryce and take advantage of the scene building abilities that are in Bryce. Now you can use the studio link


Step 1 - Create the basics of your scene in Bryce


To begin, open Bryce 6.0. Create your scene or begin with a saved scene or template. I used the basic Sky terrain to become my floor and set the haze to 0. Give your scene a quick render using the large centered green button of the on the left side.

Step 2 - Open DAZ Studio


On the Create view of Bryce, indicated at the top of the Bryce window, there is a button to the far right that will open DAZ Studio. Click on this button.

Step 3 - Create/Pose/Style your characters


Now that DAZ Studio is open you can create your character as you normally do. There is no need to worry about backgrounds as we will move all objects created here, back to Bryce. I used my favorite figure The Girl (the super heroine clothing is from a custom color set on The Girl Bodysuit.)

Don't forget to pose it the way you want to be in Bryce if you are using a pose-able figure.

Step 4 - Return to Bryce


There are multiple ways you can return to Bryce with your character(s). I prefer to use either the shortcut Ctrl+Q (which means to hold your control or Ctrl button on your keyboard while pressing the letter Q) or by going to the File menu and selecting 'Return to Bryce'.

Step 5 - Place your figures


Now you should see your character(s) in the Bryce window. You can at this point move, scale, and position your figure(s)/character(s) the way you want them.

If you need to return to correct a pose or other DAZ Studio feature, you can click on the DAZ Studio link to return with the characters you created.

Step 6 - Minor Corrections


If you find that your characters are all grouped together and you want to ungroup them, select the items you want to ungroup and click on the ungroup button.

Step 7 - Render away


Once everything is complete, you are ready to render you masterpiece.