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Candle Flame in Bryce 5

Author: Tirjasdyn

Tools Needed

  • Bryce 5


You don't have to just place lights in bryce, but use them to create illuminated objects.

Using lights to create candle flame can change the mood of your image. In this example I have taken two candle objects and placed them in the recesses. I've used the same light as in the previous picture except I've turned off visibility. The floor has been changed to a reflective pool.

In this tutorial it is assumed you know some basics. Please look up any terms you don't know in the Bryce 5 Manual.


Step 1 - Flame Object in Terrain Editor

First you need a flame object. You can create a symmetrical lattice and edit it in the terrain editor to look flame shaped. I did this by creating a spiral with the high altitude in the middle.


You can also import a picture from another program to create the flame look. Experiment in the terrain editor to get the look you want, but use the symmetriacal latice to get the same shape from top to bottom.


-Actual object with red material applied.

Step 2 - MetaBall Flame

With Bryce 5 you can also use metaballs. I simply resized and stacked metaballs in such a way to look like flames.


Metaball only scale down so much. You can get a much more detailed mesh by working at a larger scale.

Next choose a material. I used the spiked cloud material included in bryce, with its color changed to orange.


Step 3 - Lighting the Candle

Now we need light! I created a radial light, and placed the source at the bottom of the flame object (The candle with flame is available in Renderosity free stuff).


Radial lights simulate the glow of a candle well and light the environment around it. Change the size of the light to get the light to cover a larger area. With the light selected, click on the little E to edit the light.


Once in the light lab, you can edit to get the light effect you want, I would suggest using a volume material on the light and make it visible. This is up to you; the light will show depending on the objects in your image and the size of the light.

Step 4 - The Finished Candle Flame


Here I have done all the above and used the light settings in the last picture. I placed the Bryce egg(included in Bryce) with a glass material just behind the candle to have it light up.

This process can be used to light up any object.