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Using Water Materials And Radial Light To Create Glowing orbs

Author: malthemornion

Tools Needed

* Bryce 5.5

* DAZ Studio

Step 1: Set the scene.


Import Whatever poser you would like to use. Here I used DAZ Studio's Victoria 3 RRLe. I deleted the ground plane and used Bryce's Typical Night background.

I recommend you use this tutorial mainly for night scenes because it doesn't work as well during the day time. Here I put radial lights around her in the relative points of the compass.

Step 2: Get object to be the orb.

You can use any object here. I used a sphere but a lattice can work just as well. First go to the top of the Bryce screen and Click on the sphere. It should now appear on your screen. We must resize this sphere now.

Step 3: Resizing


Next to the orb there should be a panel and the first thing on that panel should be a letter A. Click on that. This should take you to a screen that looks like this image.

Change the X, Y, and Z size values from 20.48 to 15. Click on the check after you have done this.

Step 4: Editing the materials


On the same panel that we used to resize, there should be a letter M. Click on that and then, click on the arrow next to the sphere. Your window should look like this:

I used Deep Blue but you can play around with the materials a bit.

Step 5: Light things up


Click on the radial light option on the top of the screen and move light so that it is in the center of the sphere. You can also do this by going to the attributes (the A on the panel) and copying the sphere's origin to the origin of the new radial light.

Once it is in the same position as the sphere, resize the light to one half of the sphere's size.

Go to the Edit on the panel next to the light. Set the light intensity to 100.

Step 6: Render And Show off!


Click render and save. Now you can show off your skills to others.