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Creating a website template in Bryce

Author: josquine1000

Tools Needed

* Bryce 5.5

Support Files



Have you ever wanted to create an organic and beautiful website ? Now you can ! Using only Bryce and a graphic program you can create all kinds of cool looking websites.


Step 1 - Setting up the workspace

Select File > New Document … ( Ctrl - N ) and choose a size. I have chosen 1024×768, but usually a website should be about 750 pixels wide.


Step2: Select the default camera and click on the A button on the right ( Ctrl - Alt - E ) and in the track object name select the plane.


Step3: Go to General in Attributes and set the positions like in the image. This centers the camera straight over the plane.


Step 2 - Creating the structure

Create a new cylinder. Resize it like in the image.


Duplicate the cylinder ( Ctrl - D ) and move the new duplicate in the opposite side.

Duplicate the cylinder again and rotate it on Y axis

( Keep Shift pressed to go in fixed angles ).

Create additional duplicates so that the image looks like in the picture. This will be the website structure.


Create a tree and move it on the right corner. Move it a little under the cylinders like in the picture. This will look like a bunch of leafs over the cylinders.


Create 2 more small trees and move them in corners. This will give the website a cool look.


Step 3 - Creating the buttons

Create 4 cylinders and move them like in the picture. Try to rotate them slightly in random directions.


Create a box and resize it like in the picture. This will serve as the background inside the cylinders.


Move the cylinders and the box you created earlier so that it's half under the plane. You should have something similar to this:


Step 4 - Setting up materials

It's time for materials !

Select the plane and give it a wood material. I have chosen the Wood > Pine Wood from the Vegetation category and I scaled up the texture a little.


Select the cylinders and group them. Assign them the material Wood > Maple Wood2 from the Vegetation category.


Select the tree in the right corner and enter edit mode ( Ctrl - E ). Select edit material from the texture panel and choose Leaves > Default leaf 3 from the Vegetation category.



Select the button cylinders in the middle and assign them a wood material. I have chosen Wood > Maple Wood from the Vegetation category.


For the box in the back set a wood material, like the Wood > Pine Wood from the Vegetation category.

Step 5 - Setting up the sky and rendering

Set the sky settings like in the picture:


Render! You should have a nice wooden website that you can cut in a graphical program and make an html template out of !

You can also try other materials for other kind of websites !


Enjoy !