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Using Multi-Replicate in Bryce

Author: thedanman

Tools Needed

  • Bryce (5)

Support Files


Who says Bryce doesn't have a modeler? Perhaps one of the most unique and lesser known features of Bryce is the multi-replicate feature. This feature allow users to replicate any object in Bryce, X number of times offset by rotation, location, and even size! Here's a simple demonstration of how we can use this simple to to create complex object from simple primitive. Ultimately this tool will have to be experimentally used and this tutorial just serves to familiarize the reader with the existence of such an option!


Step 1 - Create any scene or use a pre-existing scene


For this tutorial we have simply used a torus primitive from Bryce's object library

Step 2 - Select an object to multi-replicate


Select an object that you wish to multi-replicate and go to “edit” (at the top of the window - the file bar remains hidden until you hover over it) and down to “multi-replicate” The window in the image should appear.

Adjust the settings using Quantity to describe how any replications you wish to havem offset by the x, y, z displacement you wish, rotate by the x, y, z, rotation angles of the duplicates, and finally size, % in x, y, z of the original object.

Step 3 - Test multi-replicate


Using parameters of Quantity: 200, Offset -0.01, 0.01, -0.01, Rotate of 30, 30, 30, and Size of 101%, 101%, 101% I yeilded the following toroid ball

Step 4 - New object created!


Using the multi-replicate feature I have created a new object in a matter of seconds! This feature can be used as a pseduo particale system too! In fact its uses are only truly yours to explore. Good Luck!