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99 Red Balloons

Author: moonrancher

Tools Needed

  • Poser 5 or 6
  • Bryce 5 or 5.5
  • Particles 2 from PoseWorks
  • An OBJ file to use for your balloon


I want 99 red balloons to fly up into the air all at once in Bryce. This is an easy job for Poser with Particles 2 from PoseWorks. In this tutorial, I'll show you how it's done. When I have my cloud of balloons the way I want them, I'll export the entire group from Poser and import it into Bryce for a balloon texture and my final render.


Step 1 - Start the Particles 2 Generator in Poser


I start the Particles Generator. I name my cloud of balloons 99RedBalloons, and I click on Custom geometry and navigate to your balloon object file.

I need 99 particles (balloons in this case.) I don't want them to be different general shapes, but the size can vary from 100% to 400%. I think they may rotate a little as each one lofts into the sky, so I set the rotation to vary from 0 to .3 on X and Z. (I don't set a y rotation because in this case it wouldn't show anyway.)


Using the Range Editor, I set the distribution is to the Easy Trig: Sine Wave.


Step 2 - Set a Solid White in the Materials Editor


I don't plan to texture the balloons in Poser, but I do want to be able to see them easily, and maybe move a few if they are too close together. This is most easily done if I set them all to be 100% opaque and solid color (white.) After assigning these in the Materials Editor, they are produced and I'm ready to export them.

Step 3 - Preview Placement of Balloons


At this point, the cloud of balloons is ready for export to Bryce. If a few balloons are too close together, it's easy to move a few of the single balloons by clicking on them and moving them as desired now. Of course, they can also be rescaled or rotated at this point.

Step 4 - Export Geometry for 99 Balloons


To export the objects as a single group, I choose Export Wavefront Object, and Single Frame. At the Hierarchy Selection, I uncheck the Universe checkbox, and, since I didn't want to have to check every object individually, I check-marked the figure, which automatically puts a check next to each of the particles/balloons. I name this geometry object 99redballoons.obj.

Step 5 - Import Geometry into Bryce, Texture and Render


In Bryce, I choose a sky that I like and go File) Import) Object and navigate to the 99redballoons.obj. After positioning the camera and changing the material for the balloons to a variation of red glass that I like, I render the final scene.