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Create a Rainbow by Numbers by Peter Sharpe

Author: BryceContentCD

Tools Needed

  • Bryce


In this tutorial, we'll go over the rainbow settings so you can create the rainbow you want.

Step 1 - Set up the sky

Choose a sky preset. I chose the second of the presets called Midsummer afternoon. Check that the haze value is about 70. Drag on the cloud height to the right until the value is 100.

Click on the Edit Sky/Fog downward pointing triangle. Click on the Atmosphere Tab check the rainbow option and increase the Opacity to 100. Click on the Sun and Moon tab. At the bottom you will see Numeric Sun Values.


Step 2 - The Y settings

In the first three of these Numeric Sun Values labelled X, Y and Z enter the values shown in Figure 2. Increasing values of Y lower the rainbow towards the horizon. X and Z remain at 0 and -90 respectively.


Step 3 - The X Settings, pt I

To move the rainbow to the right enter increasing negative values for X as shown in Figure 3.


Step 4 - The X Settings, pt II

To move the rainbow to the left enter increasing positive values for X as shown in Figure 4.


Step 5 - Additional Notes

By using combinations of these numbers you can position the rainbow to your liking. Having positioned it you can try reducing the cloud height and notice that at zero you can't see your rainbow. Reduce the haze value and notice at zero you can't see the rainbow. Experiment with the Opacity of the rainbow and with the Radius which actually varies the width. Also note that if you change the sky preset the rainbow option becomes unchecked and so the rainbow disappears.