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Positioning the sun and moon in Bryce

Author: rgagnon

Tools Needed

  • Bryce 5


Every now and then, there is a reason to precisely add the sun or the moon into a Bryce scene, but there is no easy way to normally do this other than to patiently rotate the sun with the sun position sphere on the Sky and Fog Palette. An undocumented feature in Bryce provides a much nicer point and click method to get the sun where it's wanted.


Step 1 - Double Click the sun position sphere


Go to the Sky and Fog Palette and press Ctrl and Alt together and double click the sun position sphere. This is a hidden keycode that now permits precisely placing the sun.

Step 2 - Click the sun into place inside the work area


Holding down Ctrl and Alt together again, click anywhere above the horizon line and an asterisk will be placed in the main work area to show where the sun will be seen in the rendered image. The nano preview screen will more dramatically depict the sun's effects on the Bryce scene.

Step 3 - Placing the moon


The sun can be changed into the moon by either clicking the day/night menu toggle or by clicking in the scene by holding down Ctrl+Alt-Shift. That's all there is to precisely positioning the sun or moon in an image. This is a nice feature to create sunsets and spooky images with a full or partial moon.