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Setting Sun & Moon

Author: liquefusion

Tools Needed

  • Bryce 5


Render looking dull or a bit lifeless, need to place the sun or the moon at a certain point of the image to achieve the correct look, read on…


Step 1 - Flat and Lifeless


Here we have the scene set up with a standard preset Bryce sky, looks wrong and using the sun postion trackball is causing migraines.

Step 2 - Display Mode


Switch the display mode to mixed wireframe/render or pure wireframe mode using the “wireframe cube” by the side of the image window. The position of the sun/moon appears as a star * .

Step 3 - Sun Sphere


Select the Sky and Fog Palette and then hold down Ctrl+alt and double click the sky sphere.

Step 4 - Setting position


Hold down Ctrl+alt and click into your scene view to place the sun at the cursor position, or use Ctrl+alt+shift to place the moon. If the sun is already on screen this will repostion it.

Step 5 - Fine tuning


The sun is shown as a yellow star, the moon is now shown as a blue wire star. Play around until you achieve your desired result, alter disk size and glow etc. to fine tune your image.