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Creating Abstracts Using Bryce

Author: guy_david

Tools Needed

  • Bryce 5


Creating abstract art using Bryce 5 have never been easier. Here is a quick tutorial about making instant abstract works, using nothing but bryce 5.


Step 1 - Preparing the scene


Open a new document. Make sure there's nothing in it. Erase any terrains, planes or anything else in it leaving only the camera. Insert a stone and a symmetrical lattice. Resize both, so that the stone would be smaller then the lattice. Use the Orthogonal views, to position the stone inside the lattice, and the camera inside the stone.


Here is what your scene should look like now:


Notice that the Nano Preview is completely gray.

Step 2 - Choosing materials for your stone and lattice


Next, you should choose materials for your stone and lattice objects. The materials you choose should be transparent, but should contain some colors. The texture of those materials would determine how your work would turn out eventually.

Step 3 - Coloring your scene


Now, you can add final coloring to your abstract, by using the environmental controls. On the Sky&Fog control, you can choose Custom Sky and give a combination of three colors:


Use the rest of the environmental controls for final color adjustments. Experiment until you get the result you want.


Good luck :-)