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Path through trees in Bryce 6

Author: phil16

Tools Needed

* Bryce 6


this tutorial shows how to make a dirt path through trees using only Bryce 6


Step 1 - creating the grass


If when you open Bryce 6 you do not have a ground plane add one. The first thing to do is change the material of the ground plane to look like grass. On the right side of the ground plane there should be five buttons the bottom one should be an “M”. click on the M to get you to the materials lab. In the materials lab go to the materials library.


In the materials library change the category in the bottom left to vegetation. in the categories of vegetation pick leaves then pick a leaf. I picked leaf 4. then click the checkmark in the bottom right of the materials lab and the materials library.


Step 2 - creating grass around the path


Create a terrain. Now for the terrain there should be six buttons to the right. click the “E”. there should be six buttons to the left of the terrain canvas. the second from the bottom should be a triangle. click and drag up the red dot in the middle of the triangle. when you move the cursor over the terrain canvas you should see a circle click and drag all over the terrain canvas making in completely white. click and drag to the right, the raise/lower button until the 3D preview looks like the second image. Now open up a paint program that can invert colors, without closing Bryce 6. I used MS Paint.



Step 3 - making the triangle


In your paint program make a black triangle. Then invert the colors. in MS Paint this can be done by first clicking edit > select all Then, Image > Invert colors. Then save your image. it should look like this.


Step 4 - cutting the path in the grass


in Bryce edit terrain. click the top of the buttons to the left of the terrain canvas. the category on the bottom left should say installed, change that to user. of the options to the right of user click on import. and import your triangle. when you click import you may need to change the files of type to all files. after you have it imported select it and click the checkmark. next the second button down, of the buttons to the left of the terrain canvas should be a circle. click and drag that to the left so that the circle is small. now in the middle of the terrain canvas at the top click and drag to the bottom until it is completely black. now on the third button from the bottom click and drag to the left so that there are only two dots. and click and drag to the bottom of the terrain canvas. but this time do it to the left and the right of where you just did and also on the far left and right sides. now click the checkmark and move the camera so that it looks close to the image in step 5.


Step 5 - changing the material and size of the terrain


now make the terrain a little wider and have it reach the horizon [the green line in the middle of the screen]. now change the terrains material to the same one as the ground plane.


Step 6 - making the path


Create a terrain. flatten it and lower it again but this time don't cut anything away from it. now put it in the middle of the other terrain and below the top of the other terrain like the picture. then stretch it to the horizon to. then change the material. in the materials library change the category to terrains and the other category to rocky. then select Rocky Road. then click the checkmarks.


Step 7 - Add trees


Add a tree to the right side of the road. Edit the tree how you like. then click on the tree and holding Ctrl press “C” then “V”. the from the tabs at the top click edit. and using the reposition tool move the tree right behind the other. the do this many more times until the trees reach the horizon then again on the left side of the road until the trees reach the horizon.