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Using Water Terrains in Bryce

Author: thedanman

Tools Needed

  • Bryce (5)

Support Files


Create realistic looking flowing water effects using terrains in Bryce. This is particularly useful to create a fountain effect of water coming out of a source.


Step 1 - Create a water terrain


Using whatever scene you wish (for simplicity sake this tutorial is illustrated from a cylinder primitive doubling as a fountain) create a terrain using the primitives option. This will wrap around your object as the water flowing from it.

Using the materials editor of the terrain, set the terrain's texture to any water that you wish to use.

Step 2 - Use the terrain editor to wrap your water terrain


Use the terrain editor to wrap your water terrain to the object of preference. Make height contrasts sharp and color in the height gradient according to your object's shape. Here I have filled in a white circle to wrap over the cylinder primitive in my scene. The 3D Preview will assist you in vizualizing your progress

Step 3 - Wrap your water terrain over your object


Wrap your water terrain that you have just created over your object. Note that you can keep the bottom edges visible as this will produce a bit of bubbling and frothing to look more realistic.

Step 4 - Render your image


Change any positioning / texture settings as need to tweak your water's appearance

Step 5 - Viola! Gushing Waters


And there you have it - gushing waters from a holeless well… okay, you can use something that looks more realistic, but the water that you created looks really good, and it was done very simply! Enjoy.