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How to zip your files properly

Author: MercyToo

Tools Needed


I'm sure all of us have downloaded a free item that did not extract to the proper locations when we unzipped it. It can be aggravating, especially for those who are new to Poser and have no idea where things should go!

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the steps of setting up some temporary folders with your new files in them so you can zip them properly and share them with others, without worrying about where your files will end up!

For the sake of this tutorial, we're going to go through the steps of zipping up a texture package. The package I'm zipping is my Lilac texture for Koshini 2.


Step 1 - Setting up a temporary folder


We'll start by creating an empty folder on our desktop. We'll name this folder so that we know what it is. Let's call it “To Zip”.

Now, open that folder, it should be empty.


Inside the TO ZIP folder, create another new folder by right clicking in the empty area and selecting “NEW” and then “FOLDER”

Name your new folder “RUNTIME”. It should now look like the image below:


Step 2 - Creating the folder for our Textures


Now before we go any further, let's open up our Poser runtime folder as well. Leave TO ZIP open as well. we'll browse in our POSER RUNTIME folder until we find the TEXTURES folder. Open the TEXTURES folder in your Poser Runtime and find the location of your newly created textures that you want to package. My folder that contains my textures happens to be called “K2 Lilac”. Once I find that folder, I will right click on it and select “COPY”


After I have it coppied, I'll go back to my TO ZIP folder. I've only created a Runtime folder in there. Now, I will double click on the runtime folder I created in the TO ZIP folder and create a new folder named “TEXTURES”. I'll then double click on the new Textures folder I created in my TO ZIP folder and paste the copy of my K2 Lilac folder in there.

I've included a screen shot here of what my TO ZIP folder hierarchy looks like. Hopefully, this will help you to understand how all the folders and files are arranged thus far.


Let's review what we have. We created a new folder called TO ZIP on our desktop. Inside TO ZIP, is RUNTIME. Inside RUNTIME we created a new folder called TEXTURES, and inside that textures folder, we pasted the origional texture folder from our actual Poser Runtime folder. It contains all of the JPG's required for my texture to work properly on Koshini 2.

Good, let's go on to the next step and create our pose folders.

Step 3 - Creating the Folder for our Poses


Using the “UP” button in windows explorer, go back in our TO ZIP folder so that you're inside the folder named RUNTIME. You can make sure you're in the right folder by looking at the ADDRESS bar at the top. See where mine says C:Documents and SettingsElizabeth DalyDesktopTo ZipRuntime … That shows me I'm in the right folder. Right now, all that's in there is my TEXTURES folder. I'm going to create another new folder and name it LIBRARIES.

Then I'll double click and go into my new LIBRARIES folder and create yet another new folder named POSE.

Here's another screen shot of how your folder set up should look by now:


Now, we want to go back to our actual Poser Runtime. Browse until you find the Libraries folder in there and double click it. Find the Pose folder and double click it too. Now, look for your folder that you created for your package that you want to zip up. Mine is called “Lilac for K2”. I'll COPY that folder from the actual Poser Runtime and then go back to my temporary TO ZIP folder. Making sure I'm in the new POSE folder we just created, I'll Paste my “Lilac for K2” folder inside of it.

Now my temporary TO ZIP folder contains my Pose/mat files for my package! :-)


You can see on the left hand side of the above image how my temporary TO ZIP folder hierarchy is set up.

Step 4 - Reviewing.


Let's review real quick before we go on.

We created a temporary folder on our desktop named TO ZIP. Inside TO ZIP we created a RUNTIME folder. Inside that RUNTIME folder, we created two folders… TEXTURES and LIBRARIES. Inside the TEXTURES folder, we pasted a copy of the folder containing our textures that we want to package from the actual Poser texture folder. Insie the LIBRARIES folder, we created a folder called POSE. In the POSE folder, we pasted a copy of the folder containing our poses/mat files that we want to package from the actual Poser Pose folder.

Double check to make sure everything is set up properly here. The next steps are to zip our files.

Step 5 - Zipping


Now we want to zip those files properly. In our Temporary TO ZIP folder, use the UP button to go back up until the only folder you see inside is one named “RUNTIME”

I'm assuming that you have winzip installed. If you do not, go download the free trial from and install it. I use winzip version 9. Things may be a little different in older versions.

Now, we want to right click on the RUNTIME folder in our temporary folder. A menu pops up that includes winzip options. Select the option that says “ADD TO ZIP FILE…”


Winzip will open up. When it does, change the name of your file to whatever you like. You can do this by clicking once in the “ADD TO ARCHIVE” box and then pressing the “end” key on your keyboard. Just backspace until you delete the automatic name it gave your zip file. (in my case, it wanted to call it “”. But, we want to give it a name that's unique so that we will know what it is and so that anyone who downloads the file will know what it is too). I've named mine “”.

Then, simply press the add button.


Winzip will do it's thing and zip up the files for you. When it's finished, it will remain open and show you all of the files inside your zip. It does not, however, show you the names of our folders.

Step 6 - Checking the zip file


After you close winzip, your temporary TO ZIP folder will look like the image above.

You'll see your runtime folder in there and your new zip file. Now, we just need to check our zip file to make sure it extracts properly.

Inside your temporary TO ZIP folder, create a new folder named “Poser Folder”. This is a test folder and we're going to pretend that it's our actual Poser folder.

Now, double click on the zip file. When the winzip folder pops up, click on the “EXTRACT” button. Now, browse to the location of your temporary “poser folder” that's located within the TO ZIP folder on your desktop. Press the “extract button”


Winzip will do it's thing. When it's done, close winzip and go to your temporary “Poser folder”. Open it. You should now see a folder named runtime. That folder should contain all of the folders you set up. If it does, congratulations, you've done this correctly!

Now, just cut your zip file and paste it somewhere permanent so you can find it later or share it with others easily. After you've done that, you can delete the temporary TO ZIP folder from your desktop.

As with any of my tutorials, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me :-) I'll do my best to help you out!