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Using The Tailor with your custom stripped CR2s

Author: Dama

Tools Needed

  • The Tailor by CodeTwister
  • Custom stripped CR2 (see other tutorials)


Once you've made your custom stripped CR2 (see other tutorials), modifying clothing to fit him or her is EASY using CodeTwister's The Tailor, available here at DAZ.

Step 1 - Load your character and clothing


Open The Tailor and cancel out the Wizard window that might pop up.


Go to FILE and choose “Load base figure (*.CR2)”

In the dialogue box that pops up, navigate to the folder in your Runtime/libraries/character directory where you saved your custom stripped CR2.

Choose the selected character and click Open.


Now go back to FILE and choose “Load the dress (*.CR2)”

Find and open whatever clothing article you want. Just be sure that it was originally designed for the base figure.

Step 2 - Select custom morphs in body

In the base figure menu on the left, choose all of the character morphs except the head.


Now go up to CREATE MORPHS and choose “Morphs selected are like one body morph.”


Go to CREATE MORPHS again and this time choose “Create Morphs in the dress.”

The program will start to work, mapping vertices and transferring morphs.

When it's done, a dialogue box will pop up that has “Body_MT” in the text-entry area. Highlight it and replace it with the character name and click okay.

Step 3 - Now save it!


The program will update the morph names in the dress, and the menu on the left will expand. Notice that even though you selected ALL of the character body morphs, the program discerned which it needed and only included the ones for the body parts included in the clothing item.


Go to FILE and choose “Save the dress as (*.CR2).”

I suggest putting a dash and the character name after the name of the clothing item (or a dash and then your initials if you want to transfer more than one character's morphs to the same article of clothing, such as AmazonTop-Marcelia (or AmazonTop-GGS) and saving it.

Now you're ready to load another clothing item. All the character body morphs are already selected, so after the clothing item is loaded, all you need to do is go to CREATE MORPHS and choose “Create Morphs in the dress.” (Be sure that the “Morphs selected are like one body morph” option is still selected.)

When you load the morphed clothing item into Poser, it will have a full body morph dial in the Body parameter dials. Set that to 1.00, scale it to the size of the figure, and you're done. Resave the clothing figure to the library to save the dial settings and create an rsr file.