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Adding make-up in Paint Shop Pro 7

Author: LunaL

Tools Needed

  • Poser
  • Paintshop pro


Super easy way to give your renders the make-up they deserve is you don`t have make-up already on your texture skins.


Step 1 - Smudge


Let`s clean up the mess!

Sometimes after a render, I find out that my characters hair might not be so perfect, or that the makeup is all wrong..and so on.

Sometimes I don`t bother fixing it in Poser and then render it all over again. That`s where I go into my Paint Shop Pro and change it all.

Oki, here we go. As you see below, the hair didn`t turn out the way it should. And the eyelashes looks all wrong..Let us do something about it.

Let us start with the hair. Find you “retouch tool” and choose “smudge” using these settings:

  • Size:6
  • Hardness:78
  • Opacity:60
  • Step:25
  • Density:70

Now, soft and easy push from the bottom up to the top of the forehead


Step 2 - Soften

When you are happy with the result, use the “retouch tool” again, and choose “soften”.

I used these settings:

  • Size:17
  • Hardness:70
  • Opacity:47
  • Step:15
  • Density:40


Step 3 - Clean up some hair

Looking better already*s*

Coming this far, I decide to remove some of the hair.


Step 4 - Stronger lashes

If you now look at her eyelashes, they are to soft, so we want to make them a little bit stronger but not to unnatural. Pick your brush tool;

  • Size:2
  • Hardness:0
  • Opacity:80
  • Step:25
  • Dencity:95

When you are happy, choose retouch; soften again, with the same settings as before..

And slow and easy soften the lashes. Mostly on the tip.


Step 5 - Adding eyeshadow

Now let us give her some eyeshadow. In this case I choose, green.

First make a new layer.

Find your brush tool with the color you want..and just make it smooth looking.

Then soften it all.

Now go to your layer palette..find the eyeshadow layer and change the Opacity.

I used “55”, cause I did not want the makeup to be to strong.


Step 6 - Adding rouge

Now on to the rouge. Same thing here, but usually with a different colour.

When all was done..this is how my image turned out.