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Making Seamless Plaid Tiles in Paint Shop Pro

Author: LilJayAngel

Tools Needed

  • Paint Shop Pro


So you want to learn how to make a Seamless Tile in a Plaid Pattern. Well it's easy as pie. Best of all, you can make many different colors from just one tile. Join along and let me show you how.


Step 1 - Getting Started


Open a new image,

300 pixels x 300 pixels and transparent, as shown in the screenshot.

Step 2 - Choosing a Gradient


Click on the Flood Fill Tool.

In your materials palette, choose a gradient of your choice, using the settings as shown in the screenshot.

(Linear, Angle of 45, and repeats of 3 or more for a basic gradient).

Flood Fill your image with the Gradient.

Step 3 - Texturize It


Go to effects > texture effects > soft plastic.

Use the settings as shown in the screenshot, or play with it to find a setting you like.

Step 4 - Making it Plaid!

Now to make it plaid.

Click on Layers > Duplicate.

Then Click on Image > Mirror.

In your layer palette, slide the opacity of the top layer down to 50%.

Right click the top layer (in your layer palette),

Merge all > Flatten.

Save and your done!

Or did you want to make more colors without repeating all the steps? Proceed to Step 5.

Step 5 - How to make different colors from that one tile.

You may now use this tile to make different colors from. (Unfortunately this trick does not work this way in Paint Shop Pro X, but does in earlier versions.)

Click on Adjust > color balance > red/green/blue.

Roll the die (the button with the die on it),

until you get one you like.

Remember, if you turn on your eye lock,

you will see your original change to the current settings.

One you find a color you like, Save.

Recolor again, or start from beginning and use a different gradient blend of colors.

Good luck and happy PSPing.

Step 6 - The Finished Product


Original Tile


After applying color changes.