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Editing Keyframed Animation

Author: odeathoflife

Tools Needed

  • Poser


Hi again, I do a lot of character animation with poser, you know trying to make that movie that never seems to finish, and that is always in constant renewal as new figures and techniques come into the light, and have always run into the problem of needing to remove keyframes from the start of animation sequences.

Sure if you want to just clear the keyframes you can by selecting all the frames and hitting the “-” (minus) button, but it is a little more drawn out if you actually need to delete those frames.


Step 1 - Copying The Frames


Ok so the 1st step of course is to load up your animation ( for this tutorial I chose sexy walk available in the pose/walkdesigner folder of the standard poser installation.

Now I realize that I do not need that 1st step and only need her to do the second step, we will need to go into the keyframe editor to have access to the frames.

Once in the keyframe editor, we are going to select the frames 15-30 of all the body parts that we are wanting to copy, and since this is a walk animation we will want to select the whole body, so just click and drag around the frames in the editor that you want to copy, I am copying from the “body frame 15” to the “left toe frame 30”


Then press and hold Crtl on your keyboard then c to copy the selected frames.

Open notepad or similar text editor,


and press Ctrl and V to paste the info into notepad.

Step 2 - Adding frames back into poser


OK so you should have the above info (or similar) pasted into notepad.


you'really do not have to paste into notpad for this to work, but I find it easier and safer if I save this info, I do run poser in windows after all :)

So now we will restart poser (“file-new” will work as well) and after loading up our character we will go directly into the keyframe editor.

Now the important part about pasting the info back into poser is that you MUST select the same amount of frames that you copied in the last step, as you can see in the image I have selected 15 frames starting at the “body Frame 1” and ending at the “left toe frame 15” giving me the 15 frames that I need for the copied ones to fit.


And now it is just a matter of getting the info from notepad (a quick way to select all the info in the notepad is to press Ctrl+A to select All, then copy (Crtl+C) and then move back into poser and pressing CRTL+V to paste the info back into the key frame editor.


And that is about that…

Step 3 - Extending The Animation


This is not a well known area of poser but is kinda handy as a closing tidbit.

In the Animation menu there is a “Retime Animation…” dialog, and is good as a finisher up to the deleting/copying keyframes, say you want the part you just finished editing to be in slow motion, just open this dialog and choose the source frames, like when your character pulls a gun or something, and extend it to cover more frames, using the destination frames.

I hope that you have found this tutorial helpful, and if you have any questions or comment please do not hesitate.

I can be reached at

and you can pick up some poser free stuff at