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Depth of Field in Poser5

Author: semidieu

Tools Needed

  • Poser5

Support Files


This tutorial will show you how to simulate a real camera, using the depth of field feature of Poser5.


Step 1 - How to set the ' Focal Distance '


Create your scene.

Load a ball and parent it to the main camera (assuming you're using the main camera to do your render). You can change the ball size if you want, it doesn't matter.

Place the ball at the point you want to focus on. I recommend using another camera to do this.

Load the python script in Poser5


and copy/paste the value in the ' Focal Distance ' in the render options window.


Step 2 - How to set the ' F-Stop ' value

Since the effect of any given F-Stop value varies with the focal length of the camera, there are no hard and fast values that work every time and you will have to test out various values. However, the greater the F-Stop value is, the smaller the effect will be.

Here is a comparison of renders taken with various F-Stop values with a camera focal of 38:


If you increase the focal of the camera, you will have also to decrease the F-Stop value. If you don't, the effect may be too strong.

Step 3 - How to render

Don't forget to check the “Depth of Field” option in the render options window.


To get a better quality render, you will have to increase the pixel sample, which unfortunately also means an increase in render time.


Step 4 - One example

For this picture, I also set the “Post Filter Size” to 3 and the “Post Filter Type” to Sinc. Only 21 hours to render…


No postwork, except resizing the picture (original size: 592×718)

Thanks to my friend Mark for correcting my horrible English again…