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Custom Stripped CR2s with Morph Manager

Author: Dama

Tools Needed

  • Poser 4 or higher
  • Morph Manager (Renderosity FreeStuff)
  • Original OBJ file for Millennium 2 character of your choice

Support Files



Method 1: Easiest

Using Poser and Mason's “Morph Manager”


Why create a custom stripped CR2?

Many of us use Poser to do animations, comics, and other multi-figure compositions. Custom stripped CR2s load faster, eliminate crosstalk, and utilize WAY fewer system resources than full CR2s.

Just remember that any of these type of CR2s you create are for your own personal use ONLY.

Step 1 - Make your character in Poser


Launch Poser and open/create whatever character you'd like to make into a stripped CR2. Make any final adjustments and tweaks, and once you have the character set the way you want it, SAVE IT. Then select any body part affected by your character's morphs.


Now go to Object in the top menu and choose Spawn Morph Target from the drop down menu.


In the box that pops up, type your character name in the the text entry area and click OK. A new dial will appear at the top of the parameter dials for that body part.

Repeat the Spawn Morph Target action for each affected body part. You shouldn't usually need to mess with the hands, fingers, toes, and not usually the feet, either. Don't forget the head and neck!

When you have spawned morph targets for all affected body parts, save the figure to your Figures library in your own folder so you'll be able to find it in a few minutes.

No need to save the PZ3 with the extra morphs. You can just close out Poser.

Step 2 - Use Morph Manager to transfer Morphs


Now launch Morph Manager. (Morph Manager is available for free in the Renderosity FreeStuff. Just do a search for either Mason or Morph Manager and it should come up.)

Click Load File on the left side, and in the window that pops up, navigate to your Runtime/libraries/character/ directory and find the CR2 in whatever folder you saved it in.

Your character will load in the large space on the left side. On the other side, click Load File and navigate to the GildedGecko folder and choose the appropriate Stripped base CR2.


On the left side, in the hierarchy for your character, click the '+' box next to a body part, then the '+' box next to MORPH TARGETS.


Now find your custom morph–it should be at the top of the list, but it's not always. RIGHT click on it and choose Copy from the pop-up menu.

The morph will copy to the corresponding body part on the Stripped side. You can go to that side and check the hierarchy to make sure.

Repeat the MORPH TARGETS/Copy action for each affected body part. When you're done, click Save File on the Stripped CR2 side, and save your custom stripped character. I add the letters NM (No Morphs) after the character name in my own folder, but you can choose any naming convention that works for you.

You're done! You can go back into Poser, find and load your new custom stripped CR2, set all the character dials to '1' and apply the textures, hair, etc., then resave to the figure library to generate an RSR file.

You can also delete the original CR2 that you made in the first portion of this tutorial, as you don't need it anymore.