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Pose Creating Basics

Author: westonmi

Tools Needed

  • Poser


A quickie tut on the basics of creating poses in Poser.

So you've got your model posed and you want to save the pose for later use, but not sure how it's done? Then let's get started creating that pose file…

*NOTE* Generally figures are posed while nude, but for this tutorial I put some clothes on V3.

Step 1 - Creating your own Pose folder

First you'll need to create a category, or folder, for your poses. {see image below}

A) So let's open the Library menu and click on the Poses header.

B) Click on the Folder title to open up the folder list.

C) Now scroll all the way down to the bottom of your pose list till you're at the very bottom and click on the “Add New Category”.

D) Now you should have a little window pop-up like in the image below. Give the category a name and click OK


Step 2 - Starting the process

Navigate to your newly created category by clicking on the Folder title to open up the folder list and scroll to your new folder.

A) Down at the bottom is a plus sign for adding things to a category. Click on the plus sign to start creating your pose file. {see image below}


Step 3 - Default settings

A window will pop-up asking for the name for your pose file. Give your pose a nice descriptive name.

A) Click on the “Select Subset” button.

B) The Hierarchy Selection window will come up showing the items that will be included in the pose. The default settings are generally good if you have a character or prop that you want in a specific spot in a scene. {see image below}


Step 4 - Partial poses

For poses that you don't want the character or prop in a specific spot in a scene or you want just a specific body part (like a hand), you'll need to uncheck the Universe box (this will uncheck everything also).

A) Now you will need to check the boxes for the body parts you want included in your pose. {see image below}

Click OK on the subset window and the name window..


Step 5 - Morph Channels

Next a window will pop-up asking if you want to include the morph channels in your pose. For general poses you will want to select no (this will allow you to use the same pose on different models), but if you want to save the settings for a character or an expression then you would want to select yes. {see image below}


Step 6 - Frames

Another window will pop-up asking if you would like to save a single frame entry. For general posing purposes the single frame is fine. Click OK. {see image below}


Step 7 - Finishing Up

Now Poser will do it's thing and soon you'll see your pose appear in the new category you created. {see image below}


Now you'll need to check how your new pose file works, but first do a quick saving of your scene (File > Save As) just in case. Then select another pose and then apply your new pose…if all goes well your character will go into your pose with no problems.

So there you have the basics of creating poses. :D