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Follow Me With Those Pretty Eyes

Author: CandeeKis

Tools Needed

* Poser 5

* Poser 6


For this tutorial I'll use Aiko, but this will work for all of your characters.


Step 1 - Pose Your Character


What you want to accomplish is to make your characters eyes follow the camera as you pose and move her. This way it doesn't look as if she's a mannequin in the department store window. A human being 'model' often moves about but still looks at the camera.

In this illustration Aiko has been posed but is staring ahead at ??? anyone knows! That's great if you are wanting to do this, but if you want those eyes to move to look at the camera when you move her about this is how.

Step 2 - With Your Figure Selected


With your FIGURE Selected, go to BODY PARTS and select the LEFT EYE

Step 3 - Next go to OBJECT/POINT AT


At the top of your Poser screen go to OBJECT/POINT AT

Step 4 - And Choose


Now Choose MAIN CAMERA. What this is doing is connecting that eye to the camera.

Step 5 - Repeat Steps 3 and 4


Repeat steps 3 and 4 but this time choose the RIGHT EYE

Step 6 - Now Look At Those Eyes!


Isn't that much more realistic? Those eyes moved naturally to follow the camera just as a real live person's eyes would.

Step 7 - Now Move and Experiment


Now let's experiment a little and see what happens with those pretty eyes when we move Aiko about.

Select the FIGURE and the BODY

Step 8 - Go to your Parameter Dials


Go to your parameter dials, and select Y Rotate, with that Figure/Body Selected and rotate her a bit.

Step 9 - "Y" Rotate That Figure


“Y” Rotate your figure a bit and now look at how the eyes are following the camera.

Step 10 - Move Her A Bit More and Bend Her Head


Move her, and bend her head a bit. See the difference in her eyes?

That's all there is to it. Now you can make your character look much more alive and natural.

I hope you have fun and success with this method.