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Morphos Tips to create different characters

Author: dorkati

Tools Needed


You can use Morphos to create your own character. But with default settings you can only make small changes.

For better result you need to make some changes in Morphos files.

Don't worry! Don't need any software to do this or programming knowledge. Only a text editor and Morphos.


Step 1 - Prepare your work


Open Poser and load your figure. Now I used Aiko3. From file menu run Python script:


Copy the morph names

From this library open the needed Morphos.charName file, for example Victoria3 if you wish to change it.

I made changes on first Aiko file what I made sooner. I made in same way as I see in Victoria3 file, so this was simple too. But later I tried many options and variations so I know it better.

Step 2 - content of a Morphos file


This is the time when you need to know more about content of a Morphos file.

You see separated parts.



Into HEAD section need to insert all head morphs.

Then you see this for example:


“Character” is a description, ~ sign separates the parts, “head” is means that the dial will change on actor head.

After that you see 2 values. These are the range of variations. The dial's value will be set between -0.5 and 1.

You can change these values if you want to see more dynamic changes on head (or other body part)

Step 3 - Create Morphos file

Now paste the printed morph names into this text document. Delete unneeded parts and keep only morph targets' names.

Then drag and drop (or cut and paste) to the right place.

The morph targets on head need to placed in HEAD section under Character~head~-0.5~1.0 line. (Check an original file for sample)

Place the body morph targets under BODY section, under this line:


Now you can begin to make changes.

If you started with an empty text document, don't forget to insert this into first line:


At first separate eye, nose, mouth, ear, head shape, expressions and phoenemes morph targets.


If you do this, you can turn off later in Morphos if you don't want to change the eyes or ears,

only head shapes. For example create characters, than you pleased with head shape but don't

like the eyes or lips. Now you can turn off head shape parameters and what you don't

want to change and keep only eye or lips line.

And now you can change only those.

If you want to create your own expressions, turn off all morph sliders and keep only expressions


These changes gave more variations and possibility to your morphos file. But these are only little changes. You character will be better, but it is not enough to create strongly different characters.


Step 4 - Make dynamism

Next step is replication.

Select Head (I named headparts) section with eye, nose, lip, ear morphs, copy and paste again and again. Do this 3-4 times. I usually use 6 head sections with different values.


You will see this in Poser.

In this case you can turn off some main head parts slider if you don't want large differences, only soft changes.


Step 5 - Replicate - another way

The other way is if copy only one part, for example full head (or only eyes…nose…), copy and paste into same head section 4-5 times.


In this case you will find this and you can turn off all of full head sliders with one click (with main slider)


Separate this way the BODY morphs too.

Separate as torso, full body, breast, upper and bottom parts.

Copy and paste them some times for better results.

Step 6 - Use it and see the results

If you change the value at sliders, you will get more varieties.

Check some sample results what I got. I turned off those parts' sliders what part was good enough for me. And followed the changes on other parts until I got these characters.


(I used same way to create my Character Creation Kits for Aiko and the Girl and Dot)

If you have any question, feel free to contact me