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Combine two backgrounds

Author: Ravenhair

Tools Needed

  • Poser


Hi, in this tutorial you will combine two different backgrounds that will help you change the moods in every image that you create using Multiplane Cyclorama.

You will learn a new effect that will help you achieve dramatic results at the end, in just few easy steps.

Creating the images for the Multiplane Cyclorama template can be done with Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. The sky has been created with Bryce 5, because its realistic looks.

So, let's get started.


Step 1 - Choosing the image you want to use

Let's start by choosing an image in which we created a transparency map.

I have created this one using Adobe Photoshop and a transparency map to go with it.



Note that for the transparency map, before making the image negative, you need to set it to grayscale instead of desaturate.

Step 2 - Loading Multiplane Cyclorama

Now, we go to Poser, and then load Multiplane Cyclorama, it doesn't matter which CR2 file you wish to load, you will change the textures for the ones that you have made for this.


Once loaded, we make sure that the transparency is set to 100% for all planes and of course, load the texture maps that you have created for this purpose (texture, bumps and transparency maps).


Step 3 - Inserting a background picture

Now is time to grab the background picture, I have previously made this quick sky using Bryce sky defaults, when I did this, I checked the document set up (in Bryce) and made it square, in other words, 640 by 640 pixels, to fit the default document window size in Poser.


Grab the background image by going to File/Import/Background Picture.


Step 4 - Rendering the image

After you have imported your background image you will have something on the screen that looks similar to this and that is because the transparencies have been set to 100%


But after you have it rendered, you will see something similar to this:


Yours probably will look different because you will use the images that you have created, remember that the main purpose for this is for you to create your own.

Quick Note: Even after you have imported the background picture, it will be useful if you turn the transparencies to 0% until your are comfortable with the camera and light settings, after that, turn the transparency back to 100%.

Step 5 - Final Words

This technique is very useful, especially if you want to create images that interact with the external environment without having to create a whole new texture map, it will save your time, and can be use for sequel scenes creation as well.

You can set your own lights and add props, characters and anything else you want, and the effects are dramatic.

Here are two more examples using different background skies.



I hope this tutorial was useful and if you encounter any problem, just email me at