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Frosting On The Nails

Author: CandeeKis

Tools Needed

  • Poser 5


This is an easy way to create a pretty frosted appearance to nails and lips with the simple use of lights in the Material Room of Poser 5.


Step 1 - Here's What You Have


You have beautiful long nails, but no shine or pizazz to them. Its easy to go from dull to razzle dazzle shiny in just a couple of quick clicks, in Poser 5

Step 2 - Go To The Material Room


Click on the Material Room to open it up. Make certain you have your FIGURE selected and use the dropdown to choose the 'fingernails'

Step 3 - Adding Your New Node


A new little window opens up and what you need to do is add a new node. This is simple! Go down to the Alternate_Specular line and click on the icon. Then another small window opens up ~ Choose NEW NODE ~ LIGHTING ~ SPECULAR ~ ANISOTROPIC

Step 4 - See Your New Node?


Now you'll see that you have a new node, connected to the Alternate_Specular. I normally dont change any of the settings here, but play with it and even change the color of you want, for nifty effects.

Step 5 - The Result


Now you have beautiful frosted nails! This can also be done with lips as well, to give those dull lifeless lips some beautiful shine.