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Easy Instructions to Make A MAT Pose For Beginners

Author: BrokenWings

Tools Needed

  • Poser
  • P5-MAT Writer
  • Text Editor


This is for people like myself who don't quite understand some of the bigger tutorials to making a MAT POSE or a MOR Pose, which that one I haven't found anywhere. So here it goes….


Step 1 - Figure

Open a Poser Figure file. For this tutorial I am using Victoria 2. (You can use any figure you like that you would like to make your own character out of.)


Assign all your textures to each part of the body that requires assigning. You do this in the material area. After assigning all the textures go back to Pose area and change the face to whatever you want her/him to look like by changing the dial settings on the Figure 1 Properties. You can also change the body of the figure this way too.


Step 2 - Making A Folder

Now go to your Poses file and make a folder. To do this, you left click on the little black arrow and a window will pop up. Go to Add New Category. Another little

window will pop up and you add the name of the new folder. Example: !MAT Teagan .



Step 3 - Adding Figure To Folder

Double click on the folder you just made. Make sure your Figure 1 and body are selected. Go to the little + at the bottom of the screen and type in the name of your character, but type it like this: !!Teagan MOR, use your character name instead of Teagan.

Include Morph Channels In Pose Set-YES

Would You Like To Save A Single Frame Entry- OK.



Step 4 - MAT Pose

Now your character is saved in her/his very own folder. Your character has her/his very own settings now, so you don't have to redo their look anymore. It's right there in your poser files now.

Now say you have different textures you would like to use on your character and instead of everytime you want to use your person in a picture or even sell her/his textures, you don't want to go through all the hassle of adding each texture everytime. I am going to explain how to do this just once and have all your textures for this person right there with one click.

To make life so much easier at making MAT Poses, I found a script written by Netherworks Studios that is free. You can get it here: It's called: P5-MATWriter. Download it and save in a folder you make in your Windows Explorer called P5-MAT Writer for easier access.

“What It Does: This script allows you to write P5-specific MATs for figures or props in Poser 5. The MATs that it writes are written as P5-Matfile.pz2 and will be located in your Runtime:Python:poserScripts directory. It will also write a PNG thumbnail for you. Make sure to move the MATs (P5-MATFile.pz2 and the PNG) from the poserScripts directory after running the script each time. If not, they will be overwritten.”

Okay to get started you must:

1. Load the Figure

2. Select it

3. Go to the Materials Room

4. Select each material once

5. Go back to the Pose Room

6. Run the P5 MAT Writer script (


After running the script, go to your Windows Explorer (You can leave Poser open), Program FilesCurious LabsRuntime:Python:poserScripts directory and find the P5-MATFile.pz2 file. Rename the two files with the name P5-MATFile.pz2 and P5-MATFile.PNG to !!Teagan TEX 01.pz2 and !!Teagan TEX.PNG (remember to change Teagan to whatever you are naming your figure). Now copy and paste into your folder !MAT Teagan. You will find this in: Program FilesCurious LabsPoser 5RuntimeLibrariesPoses!MAT Teagan Go back to Poser and open the folder you made, now you will have a MOR file as well as a TEX file in the folder. Do this with all of your textures you want to use on this charater you have made. That is it, you have created your own MAT files.

Step 5 - If you plan on selling

If you plan on selling your textures and you do not want to use the CR2 files which are bigger and in some cases are not allowed to sell them, please go to the next section.

You do everything just like above, but the only difference is, you have to change each file in your folder that ends in pz2 except the MOR file. Close Poser and open a text writer. I use NoteTabLight, it is free and you can get it at

Make a folder again in the Windows Explorer called: Runtime add another folder to the runtime folder called: Libraries add another folder to libraries called: Pose add 1 more folder to pose called: !!Teagan (or whatever you named your character). Now add another folder off from Runtime named:Textures add a folder to Textures named: Teagan (again whatever you named your character).

Go to your Program FilesCurious LabsPoser 5RuntimeLibrariesPose!MAT Teagan (your folder name here) and copy all the files in there to your C:/Runtime/Libraries/Pose/!!Teagan (yourfolder name) And be sure to have all your textures in the texture folder in this runtime.


Open your first pz2 file Go to { version { number 5 } and change this to: { version { number 4.01 } You just need to change the number so that it is compatible with version 4. Now Go to the first line in your pz2 that says: C:RuntimeTexturesTeagan .This we need to change. Highlight the C:RuntimeTexturesTeagan by just running your mouse over it while holding down your left mouse button.


Step 6 - Finishing Comments

Now go to: Replace Text It will look like this:


Replace All- C:RuntimeTexturesTeagan

To- :Runtime:Textures:Teagan: (with your folder name)

Then save as: (Whatever you had it named).

Do this to all of your pz2.

That is it. Now you are ready to sell your MAT Pose files. Congratulations.

If you have any questions please Email Me-