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Making a simple snow effect in Poser 5.

Author: vicentealvarez

Tools Needed

  • Poser 5
  1. 3D Studio Max (Recommended)

Support Files


This tutorial will show a really simple and fast way of doing animated snow effect within Poser 5. This can also be used as an idea to do rain and other particles effect.

Step 1 - Creating the video file


First, we'll create a small video file with the particle effect to be included. I personally use 3D Studio MAX for doing this. If you don't have it, you can use any animation program, even poser itself (creating, for example, small spheres that fall over a black background). I've done a basic snow effect that you can download from here (DivX 5.1.1). Of course you can create your own.

Step 2 - Creating the screen


Create a small scene. I've put a Poser mannequin and posed it, only to show the effect. I also have put a background. As the lazy guy I am, I have selected one of the backdrops that came with windows, so please don't blame me :-).

Create a plane, inserting it from Props/Primitives/Square. Modify it to cover our whole scene using the parameter dials. For demonstation purposes I'll only cover half our scene.


Step 3 - Finishing the effect


Enter the Material Room and modify the plane's material. Plug in “Transparency” a New Node/2D Textures/Movie and in “Video_Source” select our video file. Then change the value to 1 and render.

This snow will be animated in your final render. If you want to move the camera around the scene, an easy solution would be to do the old “Christmas tree” trick by crossing two of these snow layers.