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Text Props in Poser

Author: Fox in the Stars

Tools Needed

  • Poser
  • Paint Shop Pro 8

Step 1 - Make a Text Transmap


In Paint Shop Pro 8 or your image editing software of choice, make a new image with a black background. Select white as your text color, and enter the desired text in the font of your choice. Make the text in this image at least as large as you want it to appear in your final render.

Step 2 - Add Effects (Optional)


If desired, you can blur or add other effects to the text. Use effects that keep the image in black and white and are localized around the text—you won't want it to go all the way to the edge of the transmap. One of my examples uses a motion blur.

Step 3 - Crop and Save


Once you've added any desired effects, use the crop tool and crop close to the text, being certain that the cropped image is completely black around the edges.

Go to File, Export, JPG Optimizer to save the image(s). Make the text in the image the filename also for easy reference.

Step 4 - Open a Plane Prop


Open Poser and load the scene you wish to add text props to. From the Props Library, select the “Prop Types” folder and load the “one sided square.”

Step 5 - Apply the Transmap and Set Materials


Position the square so that it faces the camera, then open the Materials Dialog.

Highlight and Reflection colors must be set to black.

Set Transparency Minimum to 0% and Transparency Maximum to 100%.

Under “Transparency Map, ” load the image you created in Steps One through Three.

Object Color, Ambient Color, and Texture Map are up to you. As in my example, some clothing textures can be used here to make the text co-ordinate with your character; I find it useful when searching for a texture to set the Open dialog to view Thumbnails.

Step 6 - Position the Text


If you render immediately after applying the Material settings in Step Five, the text will probably be distorted as in the image, since it is taller than the transmap you made. Turn down the Y-scale dial until the text looks right to you. Unfortunately, since Poser doesn't have real-time transparency preview, this will take trial and error with repeated test renders, but since your transmap was cropped close to the text, you'll have some guideline to work with.

Once you get a test render with the right proportions, use the Translate/Pull tool to position the text where you want it, and use the z-rotate dial to rotate it to the desired angle.

Step 7 - . . . and Render!


Once the text is positioned, apply your favorite light set and render!