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A Different Way to Make Clothing Conformers

Author: pbnj

Tools Needed

  • Morph Manger
  • A good text editor


I was playing around in Morph Manager the other day and discovered a different way to make Poser clothing conformers and bone sets. You still have to edit the CR2 some but not half as much as you normally would, and there's less possibly confusing data left in there for you to delete.


Open Morph Manager and load the CR2 of the figure you want to create a conformer or bone set for.



Strip all the character morphs from the CR2 by going down to each body part that has the + sign, clicking on it, then right click on MORPH TARGETS. Then click Delete All Morph Targets. Make sure to delete ALL morphs from the CR2, we have no use for them in a conformer (or a bone set for that matter).


Now you can save this file as (InsertFigureName)_BaseConform.CR2, or something similar to help you remember what it is. I've named it BaseConform because it will be just that, a base that I will edit from each time I want to make a new custom conformer.

Step 4 - DELETE unnecessary GROUPS


Decide what body parts you want to keep, this will change depending on the clothing item you have created. So in this example let's say we've created a long sleeve shirt. You will need the following groups: chest, abdomen, lCollar, rCollar, lShoulder, rShoulder, lForearm, and rForearm.

Now for the body parts we do NOT want to keep… Right click on the head group and click Properties. Here it will give a list of all sorts of info on that group and it's channels. Right click on each section of information and then click delete, until there is nothing else in the properties section of this group. making sure to delete the 'actor:' last.

Click OK to leave the properties window. When you come back to the basic Morph Manager screen that group should be gone. If not, go back and make sure you have deleted everything.

Repeat -Step 4- for every body part you do not need for your conformer. This can get really tedious when it comes to fingers (and toes if you are using a character with separate digits), but you'll see why it's worth it in just a second. I recommend saving another copy of the edited file once the fingers and toes are deleted so you don't have to delete them every time you want to tweak a new conformer.


With all our unnecessary body parts deleted, close Morph Manager and open your new CR2 in a text editor that can handle larger file; Textpad, etc. Use your text editors 'Find' feature and look for head, make sure to spell it exactly like your figure has it listed. You should see something like this:

actor head:1

Now that all the 'junk' as been cut out it's much easier to find and delete unnecessary body parts and their channels without fear of deleting something you actually want. So now highlight and delete the actor head section and the brackets following.

Repeat -Step 5- for every body part you do not need for your conformer. Again this can get tedious with fingers and toes. Making note of the exact spelling of the groups you are wanting to delete will make it easier to 'Find' them in your document. Save at this point to prevent having to start from the beginning again.


We're going to clear out a bit more code so scroll back to the top of your document and you should see something like this:

number 4.01
figureResFile :Runtime:Geometries:MyFiles:MyClothingItem.obj
actor BODY:1
actor hip:1
storageOffset 0 0 0
geomHandlerGeom 13 hip
actor abdomen:1
storageOffset 0 0 0
geomHandlerGeom 13 abdomen

First make sure the number line reads 4.01 so Poser 4 users do not get the annoying “Object is newer then expected” warning. Then the figureResFile :Runtime pointer needs to be changed to the object file of the clothing article you created. Now delete all actor sections and their bracketed information for unnecessary body parts.


Scroll to down your document until you see the 'figure' chunk of code near the bottom (if you're seeing material information you've scrolled to far, back up a bit to find the right section).

It should look something like this:

name NAME
root BODY:1
addChild hip:1
addChild abdomen:1
addChild chest:1
addChild neck:1
addChild head:1

Change the figures name to Shirt, or what ever work for your particular clothing item.

You can also trim out the parent and weld information, delete the addChild/weld line and the line following it, for all the un-required parts. Next delete the inkyChain information for any limbs you are not using.

Scroll down farther yet and delete all but the Preview material.


Save the new file and now you have a shiny new conformer and/or bone set.

Step 9 - Additional Information

Down the road it can be a great time saver to edit and save various types of conformers. In this case we have created a nice long sleeve shirt and if we create a t-shirt we can bring this conformer into Morph Manager delete the forearm information, remove the empty tags in the CR2 and now you have a nice base to reuse for any clothing type that uses the same figure groups. Same goes for pants, shorts, shoes, etc.

I hope you found this tutorial of some use, if you have any questions please contact me at [email protected]