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Character Setup Using the Set Up Room

Author: odeathoflife

Tools Needed

  • Poser ProPack
  • Poser 5

Support Files


I have several requests a month asking how to set up characters for use in Poser. So I took some time, and made up this tutorial. I hope that it helps clear things up for many of you getting into character creation.

There are support files included.

A Base OBJ, that will be used to create the character, as well as a completed character I made during the writing of this tutorial.

I will be using the poser set-up room, and the joint editor to fine toon the joints.




OK so open poser and delete the figure ( if there is one ) and go to FILE > IMPORT > WAVEFRONT OBJ…

In the WAVEFRONT OBJ open dialog, navigate to the

:Runtime:Geometries:BurntToast:DazTutorialCharacter, and select the 'baseCharacter.obj' and select OPEN.

In the following PROP IMPORT OPTIONS dialog Click the “place on floor” check box, and leave all the defaults as they are, this will import the baseCharacter centered with his feet on the floor.

Now Making sure that the mesh is selected click the SETUP tab at the top of the document window and choose OK to turn it into a figure.

We are now in the poser set up room, and yoru new figure is ready for some boning :)



So once in the set up room, you have a couple (well 2) ways of boning your character. By using the bone creation tool.


or by using an already premade bone system. I will be demonstrating the latter.

(NOTE: I have been in contact with Curious Labs about using their bone set ups for Custom creation with intent to sell and have the OK from them. I have NOT been in touch with DAZ3D or other custom creators about using their bone set ups for use with this method)

Ok so we are going to be using a preset bone set up from the Skeleton Male for this characters set up.

So navigate to the additional figures folder of the poser library and double click the Skeleton Male character, this will load his bones into the set up window.

Since the figure is so close to the bone set up from the Skeleton, all wel will have to do to tweak it is move the shoulders down a bit so they are inline with the arms on the figure.

If you just grab the shoulder bones the rest of hte arm will follow.

Then click on GROUPING TOOL


to open up the grouping dialog box.

Once the box is open click on the bottom button marked AUTOGROUP.

Now the bones are grouped to the polygons in the figure that we brought into the set up room, albeit badly. Next we are going to add polies to the groups to finish off our character set up.



Now that we have Auto Grouped the mesh, if you look to the grouping dialog ou will see a drop down box, if you click on it you can scroll through the figure 'parts' and see what needs to be altered by way of the grouping.



The poser heirarchy needs somethings in order to work correctly. For instance each child needs to be completly surrounded by at least one row of polygons from the parent, or else there will be splitting of the mesh.

(i.e. the hip is connect to both the left and right thigh, both thighs [children] must be completly surrounded by the hip [parent], and cannot be in contact with each other.)


in this image you can see the groups that I have made by 1st selecting the part through the drop down list, and selecting the appropriate polygons by using the selection tool.

Once the groups are assigned to the appropriate bone, then you can do a couple of checks using the grouping dialog.

If you click on the “SHOW MULTIGROUPED FACES” this (if there are any) will display in red polygons that are assigned to more then one group.

You may also want to (I always do) check the “SHOW NON-GROUPED FACES” to see if there are any stray polygons that have no home on the bones.

Once you are satifyed with your grouping you can close the dialog and click back to the pose room by using the tab at the top of the document window. If you get an error that says there are non grouped polygons, then choose not to exit and use the SHOW NON-GROUPED FACES“ to see where the problem lies.



So now we are in the Pose Room again, or familiar friend.

But we will need to tweak the joint set up. So go to WINDOW on the tool bar and select “Joint Editor”, this will open teh Joint Parameters dialog (we will not be using the dialog persay so you may move it off to the side out of the way…Do Not Close it yet though because we need what it offers…direct access)

Choose the FRONT View camera, and the outline document view,


then select the body parts one by one making sure that their joint centers are on the seam of the joint.

The head center (the green cross) needs to be at the top of the neck, the shoulders need to be at the line between the shoulder and the chest, etc…

Then move to the TOP VIEW continuing to move the joint centers to their appropriate spots on the mesh.

Once that is done close the joint parameters dialog and do a test pose, if there are any errors (weird bends and such, re-open the joint editor and do some fine tweaking.



Once you are happy with the joint setups, you can save your character to the figures library and you are done with poserfying your creation.

There are more things to be done of course like UV Mapping, adding morphs, creating clothing, but we will leave that for another tutorial :)

If you have any questions you may of course email me @

[email protected]

Poser Free Stuff is available @