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Dynamic Clothing to Conforming Using Setup Room

Author: odeathoflife

Tools Needed

  • Victoria
  • Poser Pro Pack or Poser 5

Support Files


In this tutorial I am going to take you through the steps on converting a Poser 5 dynamic clothing item (in this case an open jacket designed for Victoria 2, into a conforming object file for the character


Step 1 - Opening the Dynamic Clothing into the Set Up Room


Ok so the 1st step is to open the included support files so we are all on the same page, (if you unzipped following the folder set up I made, you should open the Tutorial Jacket in the DazDyn2Conform folder of your props library.

Then (since it is parented due to it being a dynamic clothing item) un parent it, by parenting it to the universe from the properties menu.

Step 2 - Using the bones to conform the clothing


In this step I have used the free CR2 that is available on the victoria 2 download page that daz has made available for use to make it have the same set up as the figure I am using.What you can do if you do nto have this file is use the finished clothing item that I have included in the character:DazDyn2ConformTut folder

From the set up room select the bones that you are not going to be needing in the clothing ( feet, fingers etc… ) leaving only hte ones that will effect the clothing.

Step 3 - Setting up the groups....


OK So now that we have the figure with the bones that we will be using go ahead and click the group tool button.

Then if there is a group selected (ie coat) you can delete it and then click on the auto group.

It is really important that there are the proper set up to the bones and groups when dealing with characters and clothing.

The hand bone is connected to the forearm and the forearm is connected to the shldr and the shldr is connected to the collar and the collar is connected to the chest.

Shldr cannot be connected to both the chest and the collar cause then it will split, etc..

Step 4 - Tweaks!!


Once the groups are set up in their respective poly's it is time to go back to the pose room,

But 1st open the groups and make sure that there is no NO BONE group and if there is then DELETE GROUP to get rid of it, then do a double check that there are no loose polygons, or multigrouped polygones.

Once back in the poser room go to figure > conform


and conform the open jacket to the figure 1 or your victoria figure.

If there are weird poly actions as shown in this image then you will have to open teh joint editor and in the JP dialog, select the corrisonding dials and enlarge the spherical fall offs until the spheres are completly encompassing the body part.

Once that is finished save the file to your daz victoria clothing folder and you now have a new conforming clothing item for Victoria.

I hope you have learned something with this tutorial and if there are any problems following a long or you need some clarification please do not hesitate to contact me

[email protected]