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Author: Hyperknux

Tools Needed

  • Bryce 3 or higher
  • Poser5
  • Photoshop or Fireworks MX
  • Any other program that has layers and the 'screen' blend mode.


First off, you need to go to BryceTech's fire tutorial and download Clay's Fire. Here's a link: Clay's Fire

Now, if you have Bryce3, then you have to follow their instructions on how to create Clay's Fire, without downloading it. Read more on the BryceTech fire tut for more information.


Step 1 - Base picture and the atmosphear!

Okay, first thing to do now is to get your base picture. Mine is this…


Once you create your base image, then head on into Bryce to start creating your fire blast! If you've got clay's fire, then you can move on ahead, if not, go back to the intro to see how to get it.

First thing is setting the atmosphear to black. Go into the sky lab and click on the rightfacing arrow next to the small display window. Then select the black atmosphear. It should be at the bottom, or near it.


Hit the check mark and again to exit the sky lab and move on.

Step 2 - Creating the blast!

Ok, first off, create a primitive that you will be using. I used a cone then distorted it a bit, and I think that's the best thing for a fire blast, but if you want maybe a fire ball or a fire cube or something weird like that, then select the appropriate primitive.

Now, with the primitive selected, go into your material lab and again, click the rightfacing arrow near the display window. Go to the volume category, as it's the most fitting place for Clay's Fire. Click the import button, and browse for the clay's fire file you downloaded earlier. Finish importing, select clay's fire and then hit the check mark to exit the material lab.


Render the image, and save it! Here's what I got.


Step 3 - Blending the images!

Sorry no how-to pictures for this step, but it is simplistic.

Okay, go to your favorite picture editing program and open up your base image.

Then import your fireblast image on top of your base image. Most programs have it as File > Import, and that's probably the best way to go, but you can copy/paste it into your picture. In any case, make sure they are different layers!!

Okay, now take your fireblast layer, and change the blending mode to screen. Once on screen, move the layer around until it's in the right spot, and fits perfectly with your base image.

!Note! You may have to repeat steps 2 and this step to get your proportions and camera angles similar enough to look real.

This is what I got out of mine!