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Make your own eyelashes

Author: roxcat

Tools Needed

  • Photoshop


When I started doing textures for V3 I never found a tutorial about how to make the transmaps for the eyelashes, so I thought I'd show you how I do it. I'm using Photoshop 7 but any other imaging program, with a similar fade option for the brush, should work. I'm no expert in any way but hopefully this will be helpful for you if you need some guidance.


Step 1 - Loading the template


Start Photoshop and load the texture template for the eyelashes. I'm using the template V3TransTJPG, which you can download at V3's Base product page. The size is 1024×1024 and I will keep that size. Make a new layer on top of the template layer, and fill it with black. Turn down the opacity for this layer to 50%, so you can see the template beneath. Add a new empty layer and name it lashes. This is the layer where you are going to paint the lashes.

Step 2 - Choosing the brush


Now it's time to choose the right type of brush for painting the lashes. I'm using a tablet for painting, but this technique will work with a mouse as well.

Choose a hard edged brush 4px wide, and then go to the brushes tab at the top right corner in Photoshop. Under Shape Dynamics, set the first Control (under Size Jitter) to Fade, and make sure the Minimum Diameter is set to 0%. You will be using different numbers of steps for the fade options, ranging from about 50 to 120. Setting the brush this way makes the brush stroke fade out at the ends of the lashes. Since I have a Swedish version of Photoshop I've edited the the text in the screenshot for better understanding. Don't forget to set the color for the brush to pure white.

Step 3 - Painting the eyelashes


When you think it's looking good, it's time to get it ready for use in Poser. Duplicate the lashes layer, then go to Edit - > Transform - > Flip horizontal. This will mirror the eyelashes. Then press V and move the new layer so it fits with the eyelashes on the other side. If you think the lashes look to thin, try duplicating the layers. Then change the opacity for the black layer back to 100%, and save the image as jpg.


Step 4 - Loading the transmap in Poser


Load Poser and your V3 figure, and then enter the material settings. I'm using Poser 4 but it's more or less the same procedure for other versions. Choose Eyelashes, and load your file as a Tansparency map. Check that Transcparency Min is set to 0%, Transparency Max to 100%, and Transparency Falloff to 0.00. Render the figure and hopefully you'll have some nice eyelashes for your lady. It can take some time to get them right. A tip is to study real people's eyelashes to figure out what they should look like. Hope you found this tutorial useful!