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Making Gems

Author: NemesisT

Tools Needed

  • Paint Shop Pro 9


Want to make Gems for you textures?

Don't have any plugins ?

This is the way to go.


Step 1 - Open an image.


Open up a new image by going to file/new set width to 200 and height to 200 unit set as pixels.Check raster background and set the color depth to 16 million colours.

Set resolution to 78 pixels/cm, check transparent.

Step 2 - Style colours


Set the style colours to the colour you want by clicking on the colour chart, use right click to select foreground colour and left click to select background colour.Both colour should be the same.

Step 3 - Preset shape - Circle


Select the preset shape circle. Make sure that create as vector and show nodes are unticked. Also make sure that antialias is ticked.

Draw a circle as big as you want your gem to be.

It is always better to make it larger than smaller.

Step 4 - Float

Go to selections then click select all.

Go back to selections and click float.

Then go back to selections once again and click modify then contract, set contract to contract by about 10 to 15.

This depending on how big you made your gem.

Step 5 - Gradient


Select your flood fill tool (the bucket) change the foreground colour to gradent. Then click the gradient and you will get material properties up. Pick a gradient you want, tick sunburst and set the setting as on the picture.

Step 6 - Flood fill


Put your mouse on the inside of the selection you made and click this will flood fill it with the sunburst gradient.

Step 7 - Invert selection

Now to invert the selection go to selections/invert

Go back to selections and click float.

Step 8 - Inner Bevel


Proceed by going to Effects / 3D effects / inner bevel

And add with the setting on the picture.

Go to selections/ Select none or press crtl + d.

Step 9 - Cropping


Select your crop tool and draw a box around your button as small as you can without making it too small.

Then click the blue showed as nr 3.

Step 10 - Install tube


Now for future use lets install it as a tube.

Go to file / export / picture tube.

Fill in the cell arrangement and placement options and name the tube. Now you will be able to find your tube in the tubegallery.