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Real second skin - decor

Author: dorkati

Tools Needed

  • Poser 4 or up
  • Paint program


I made some head-decors and I wanted to use for my character. But sometimes I want to make some other make-up or maybe I want to use with another character. If I make decorated textures for all of my character os make-up I could be need an endless hard-drive. The skin textures are too big. Sometimes more than 1 or 2 Mb. So I wanted to solve this problem. And I found a way.


Step 1 - Make the decor in a paint program



Open the skin-texture and make your decors on another layer(s). Fit the place where you want and delete the base skin-texture. Export with white or black background. Check that it is only 100-150 kb, not 1 or 2 Mb.

Make the transparency map. Turn the decor to white and background to black. You need make only one map, it will be good as transparency map and as bump map too.


Step 2 - Make your second skin character

If you want to use this decor on a simple character, it is enough to load the base character, like Vic 1 or 2 or MilGirl or what you want. But if you want to put this decor to a more altered character, like an alien or a different head-shape than the base character, you need to load the altered character for decor.

In this tutorial I used my altered Vicky, because her head-shape is very different than base Vic.

Set all material's transparency to 1.

I made a head-decor so because it is on V's brows and forehead, I only need to use SkinHead and Eyebrows materials. Apply the decor texture on these materials and apply the transparency map. Use same map to bumping. Set these to 1.


If you want to use this decor more times you can save as a character.

Load your character on what you want to use this decor. Check that you only see the visible character. So go to the decor and scale a little bit so it will be a little bigger than the original and you will see the decor. Or use zTran and bring forward a little. Conform the decor-character to original, so you can posing now.


Step 3 - Use the decor on another figure

If you want to use this decor on another character, you can do it. Because you can scale your decor-character, you can to fit to some other head-shape.


But only if they are a little similar. If the head shape is very altered, you need to make this procedure again. But if you make a MAT pose file for all transparency MAT, you will have easier work in later.

So here are some samples. I made them with a character and with decor character.


Step 4 - Result

Oh and another profit…you can change your decor's base color without changes your character's skin.