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Make second skin in Paint Shop Pro 7

Author: LunaL

Tools Needed

  • Poser
  • Psp7 or lower


Well, your renders can look good even without clothes.

Here is a second way to do it.Let`s make “paint on body clothes”.

Step 1 - Choose your textures


With this one I used body texture by JenniFS for V3.*over*

First I find the texture I like.Can be only one or more.

I`m gonna use this Leather and Gold textures.



Step 2 - Add your textures

First paint with the leather, wherever you want of course.It is your creation you know*s*

Here is what I did.


Let us now use the gold one.


Step 3 - More details

Want some more? Oki, here goes.Here I put a jewl tube on as well.


Here is how my render turned out: