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Executing a script from another script; passing in arguments.

Author: Rob Whisenant, © 2008

In build, DAZ Studio was given the ability to pass an array of arguments into a DzScript object. The type of arguments that can be passed in via the array are limited to basic types; String, Number, Boolean, Array, etc. Below you will find sample code for two scripts… One for a script that does the calling and one for the script being called.

Calling Script

// The path to the script being called; ./scripts/support/MyName/MyScript.ds
var sSUPPORT_PATH = String( "%1/support/MyName/MyScript.ds" ).arg( App.getScriptsPath() );
// Create a file object
var oFile = new DzFileInfo( sSUPPORT_PATH );
// Get whether the file exists
var bFound = oFile.exists();
// If the file doesn't exist
if( !bFound )
	// Try iteratively finding *.dsa, *.dsb or *.dse
	var aExtensions = new Array( "a", "b", "e" );
	for( var i = 0; i < aExtensions.length; i += 1 )
		oFile = new DzFileInfo( String( "%1%2" ).arg( sSUPPORT_PATH ).arg( aExtensions[ i ]   );
		bFound = oFile.exists();
		if( bFound )
// If a file is found and the version number is or newer
if( bFound && App.version >= 33686033 )
	// Create a script object
	var oSCRIPT = new DzScript();
	// If the script loads
	if( oSCRIPT.loadFromFile( oFile.absFileName() ) )
		// Execute the script; pass in an array of arguments
		oSCRIPT.execute( new Array( App.version, sSUPPORT_PATH, bFound ) );

Called Script

// Get the arguments passed in to the script
var aARGS = getArguments();
// Display a message box with the arguments
MessageBox.information( String( "%1" ).arg( aARGS.join( "\n" ) ), "Arguments", "&OK" );