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When I am ready to submit a full product, what do I include?

If you are not currently a DAZ published Artist you should Click Here

As a published artist, your account has a Submit a Product link. Clicking on this will take you step by step through the submission process.

You can look at the following information for additional help.

Checklist for Potential Brokered Products


All submissions should be in PC format

If you do work on a MAC, please make sure to save out all JPEG's as PC compatible files.

Product Installer Files

All necessary files should be included within a self-contained, properly routed hierarchy (Runtime/Geometries, etc).

All products should be thoroughly tested by the artist before an item is submitted to the DAZ Brokering Department.

If you include a bump map, please supply it in JPEG format and not BUM nor any other format (ie: pict, tif, etc). This aids us in preparing the installers for products.

If you use Reflection Maps, make sure to use JPEG format reflection files and not .PCT (certain versions of Poser 4 will not load pct files at all).

When brokering a product that includes a library file (.cr2, .pp2, etc) along with maps (texture, trans., bump, etc.) make sure that the file loads into Poser accessing the appropriate maps, or that you have included all appropriate MAT pose files to do so.

Make sure that all files used by the product are actually included in the final hierarchy.

Check to make sure that the Poser library files aren't asking for an earlier version texture than what you've included, for example.

PLEASE make sure that the filenames do not exceed 30 characters in length (or they will not work on MAC's), and be sure that none of the resource path's are over 60 characters (or they will not work in Poser on a MAC).

Sample texture map resource path: textureMap:Runtime:textures:DAZ:Characters:MilWom:V2HeadM.jpg

If you do work on a MAC, please organize your final submission data in a .SIT format.


When brokering a model, you are responsible to include a texture template for it in JPEG format (UVMapper is a good application for creating templates).

All images intended for use in advertising along with a text description of the item should be included by the Licensor (you). DAZ retains the right to edit and/or modify any such material as it deems necessary or proper (always notifying the artist prior to a product's release) but the artist is responsible for providing all such material.

Product names should not exceed 45 characters in length (including spaces in between words).

Main Image



Contact Information (For New Brokers Only)

All images and text description's will be reviewed for accuracy. DAZ 3D retains the right to freely choose what submitted media material will actually be used for any given product page and/or advertisements plus descriptions. We request that you do not include nudity in your images unless necessary to appropriately demonstrate a product.