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Published Artist Information

Why publish at DAZ 3D? The answer is obvious! Not only will your products have access to the largest 3D model customer base, but your products will also receive the same customer support that all DAZ 3D products are given. No longer will you have to worry about keeping track of every little detail after your products are released, trained DAZ support technicians will answer the phones and email for you!

DAZ 3D offers an Exclusive Licensing Agreement to all artists whose submitted work is accepted. This agreement contains arrangements for a 50% royalty to be paid to the legal licensor/artist each month. This agreement requires that the artist's licensed products be sold exclusively by DAZ 3D, Inc. via DAZ 3D's online store. Please contact the DAZ 3D publishing Department via for further information regarding such an agreement.

DAZ 3D offers Bonuses - The top 15 artists each month receive a 15% bonus, the top 16-30 Artists receive a 10% bonus. This is based on the previous 3 months of sales.

DAZ 3D will also offer the following services as listed below:

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