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Store Page

Prior to logging in, the Store Page displays a form to enter an email address and a password to log in to a Daz 3D account. This form is the same as the one displayed when the Login... button, or the Connect > Login… Action in the Main Menu Bar, is clicked.

Store Login

While logged in, the Store page uses the selected category in the forward-most page of the Smart Content pane (i.e., the Files Page or the Products Page), the checked state of the Filter By Context option in that page, and (potentially) the current selection in the scene to determine which products to display.

The contents of the Store page is intentionally dynamic when logged in, meaning it is likely to evolve over time to better suit the needs of Daz 3D customers. The page is likely to contain:

Purchasing products through the Store page uses the billing information for the logged in Daz 3D account. This means, for example, that if credit card information for the account is saved in the online Daz 3D Store, ‚Äčthat same credit card information is used for the Store page purchase. Purchases made through the Store page are made available immediately following the transaction.

Points to Consider